Thursday, October 29, 2009

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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Affiliate Marketing Secrets They DonT Want You To Know About ?!!

By: Josh Green

Well, here it is folks, the three secrets every beginner must know before starting his or hers affiliate marketing home business: effort, time and money. Ok, I admit that despite the catchy title, I?m not really teaching you something you don?t already subconsciously know, but believe it or not, these simple rules of thumb are things that many novice webmasters often forget.

Let me elaborate. Despite what you may have heard, starting an affiliate marketing business takes a considerable amount of effort. If you?re not willing to keep up to date with the latest search engine optimization strategies, learn at the very least HTML and CSS basics or take some time and write quality content for your website, well I sincerely think you?re embarking in the wrong field.

Secondly, you will need to invest money if you wish to make money. Affiliate marketing is perhaps the easiest and cheapest home businesses to start, but you will inevitably have to invest in some books to refine your knowledge or pay for a good quality hosting company. Even though there are many free strategies you can use to maximize your site?s traffic, you will also have to invest money on good quality targeted advertising or paid inclusion in quality directories for example if you wish to increase your chances of success.

Finally, when investing your hard earned money in a project like this, you must be patient. The expression "patience is a virtue", is none more applicable then in the case of home internet businesses. Many claim to have made incredible amounts of money within a very short period of time. I don?t mean to sound pessimistic but these are either the luckiest people on the planet or what they are saying is simply not true.

The most important thing to understand about this type of business is that there is no magic recipe for success, because if there was, I wouldn?t be writing this article. I would be to busy rolling in all my money. You may find that some of the strategies you?ve read on the web or in books actually work in getting traffic to your website, but none of your visitors are actually buying anything. There are literally countless factors that come into play that will determine your level of success.

Without getting into the specifics and intricacies of affiliate marketing, I will try to point you in the right direction. First of all, an important aspect of affiliate marketing is the website itself. Like I said earlier, getting a hit on your website is one thing, but actually having that hit translate itself into a sale is a completely different thing. If your website doesn?t offer compelling content and simply relies on nice pictures, catchy slogans or cheesy testimonials, well I wouldn?t expect off the chart results. You might get the odd user to buy your product, but don?t expect him to come back. Just take a look at all the major corporate websites on the net: simple and easy to use design, fresh and informative content. That?s why most people go back to these websites. In layman?s terms, a professional looking website is a must, even if it only looks professional and you ended up designing and writing the content yourself. There are numerous templates or detailed tutorials available on the net that can help you design an efficient and professional looking website. There are also great article search engines where you can find free articles to use on your website.

The last thing I would like to elaborate on and probably the single best advice I can give any new webmaster willing to try his hand in such a competitive business is simply read. The more you learn, the better your chances are. You must study your competitors; understand your targeted audience, read any book that you can get your hands on; visit any website that can help you with your project, etc. Finally, apply the things you?ve learned even if it?s a relatively small venture. Unfortunately, there are many people out there who give up before they even get started, often because they realize that it takes a lot more work than they thought. But if you?re willing to push yourself and learn, you just might hit that home run.

Monday, September 8, 2008

9 Killer Strategies To Run A Successful Internet Business

** By: The Legend

Success is only reached through consistent, repeated actions towards important and meaningful goals. It is a long process, mostly learning, and requires lots of persistence.

The joined application of several effective internet business tactics working together can create a foundation of unstoppable, related website traffic, that leads to being able to stop working on your website and to start enjoying lifetime automatic residual profits.

This is the ultimate goal of all successful internet business marketers.

All internet marketing tactics and tips are already invented. There are a lot of internet business owners, who have already reached their goals. When you now want to run a successful internet business, just pick the tactics, which will fit for you. This is the list of internet business strategies, which I have run successfully:

1. Build A Personal Website.

After you have made the business plan and decided the marketing strategy, the major job is to build a website, which follows that strategy. This is really important: the website must offer useful products and information and it must be able to stand out from the crowd. To become a brand.

2. Know The Content Of The Site.

The site content should also have a tactic, which means that the structure follows some easy to follow system. The idea of course is to be able to present the business idea effectively and to make the navigation easy to the visitor.

Now it is easier for the owner to remember the structure, which helps him later, when he plans the marketing tactics.

3. Select An Auto Responder.

There is one big idea to increase the productivity of your work: automate everything you can. This is important, because the time is limited for a single internet business marketer.

One good tool is autoresponder, which sends different messages to your opt in email list even, when you are sleeping.

Make sure your internet business principal can offer a well written and long lasting ezine set with your links included.. Select an autoresponder with a rich selection of features, for instance a possibility to send broadcast messages.

4. Use Opt in Form.

The idea of op tin form is to collect email addresses for the future contacts. This means that you can send permission based emails during a long period of time. You see, the efficiency of the advertising is based on repetition.

The ideal way to collect these names is with a form on your website. The receiver needs from five to seven contacts before he starts to act.

5. Participate Internet Business Forums.

Forum is a great source of information and contacts but it is not a place to advertise your products. On the other hand the forum is the meeting place of internet business owners and a great place to help others and build trust and brand.

6. Use Social Bookmarking.

Social bookmarking sites offer a great place to build contacts and backlinks. By writing proper teaser texts and using targeted and realistic keywords, you can climb to the first page of Google with an easy work.

I would recommend to use about 10 different sites to make this tactics to work effectively.

7. Use Article Marketing.

Writing articles is an effective tactics to increase the website traffic. Articles have many benefits, which no other tactics can offer. The most important is their persuasion power in the preselling.

They can increase the search engine ranking through backlinks and build traffic from the article directories, when the distribution is made by an effective software or distribution service.

8. Blogging.

The meaning of blogs comes from the fact that a blog is easy to set up and easy to use, you don't need a domain name and it is totally free.

To write an optimized blog post takes twenty minutes and can have hundreds of readers. The blog can also include ads, AdSense ads and product links.

9. Link Building Is Crucial.

Related backlinks are the business relations of your internet business website. The more you have them, the better. The higher quality they are the better. The best way to build links is the quality of the site, article marketing, social bookmarking, blogging and forum participation.

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The Secret To Home Business Success

** By: The Legend

The secret to home business success depends heavily upon your ability to market products with the highest profit potential, and those over which you have total control.

No matter what type home business you start, you must choose products in relation to the amount of profit they can produce. When you sell other people's products, you give up control and profit. This is not necessarily a bad thing, however, but you must realize you limit your chances of achieving financial success.

What you must always remember is that the ultimate goal of every business, and that includes your home business, is profit. Yet, the average online and home business operator haphazardly selects a product without any forethought. They are marketing products that thousands of other people are already selling and have already oversold. How can they expect to succeed that way?

If you are serious about making money in a home business, you owe it to yourself to choose and market only those products that will produce the highest profit for you. Otherwise, you are wasting your time and effort.

The ideal situation would be to own and market your own products, and therefore keep 100% of the profit you make. Sell products that:

1) Allow you to keep 100% of the profit.

2) Can be quickly produced, or are ready-made

3) Are sold by only a few marketers

4) Are new, original, and in demand

There are products available on the Internet that you can market, and which you get to keep all the profit, but they are difficult to find. You will have to search for them, however the people who are selling them are making a lot of money.

In fact, the number one selling product online and off is information. Books, and especially e-books, are the number one selling and highest profit generating product sold online and off.

That is why e-books are sold online as a home business product more than any other. They are easy to sell and produce the highest amount of profit.

Avoid products that have been on the market for years, and those that are marketed by thousands of people. More than likely, 99% of the market already owns the product-leaving you with little to no opportunity to make money.

When starting and operating your home business, instead of selling products with little to no profit potential, aim for big profits by selling only those products that have big- profit potential, and over which you have absolute control.

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3 Must Know Secrets To Making Money With Blogs

** By: The Legend

In the few minutes it takes you to read this article, hundreds of new blogs will be created and thousands upon thousands of posts will have been made world wide.

The information age we live in, has allowed everyone, from the local teenager to large corporations to jump on to the blogging wagon.

The lure of being able to have a blog installed in under 15 minutes, the incredibly low start-up costs, and the ability to post to that blog from any computer with internet access, has provided many people and corporations with an immediate web presence.

Stories are common place about full time bloggers earning over $100,000 a year while blogging for less than 2 hours a day. And they usually do this while traveling the world!

The most popular blog type for the newbie is one that documents their everyday lives, ramblings and opinions. They use it as a way to express themselves.

Each new blog post generates content which the search engines absolutely love. The conversational and informal nature of blogs usually provides great reading. Readers have the option to easily comment on the posts, providing feedback and their opinions.

Blogs become interactive and service the needs of writers and readers. Video and audio can now easily be inserted on blogs providing a different experience for all its readers.

All blogs can be monetized with advertising, selling affiliate products or selling your own products. A blog with a great readership will attract high paying advertisers often paying for 6 months advertising in advance.

However, similar to any small business, the abandonment rate of blogs is incredibly high. Bloggers often enjoy the initial novelty of blogging, but if they started blogging to make some extra income, the novelty will wear off quickly if the results don't look promising.

Here are three secrets which virtually guarantee success for any blogger:

The First Secret:

A blog must be tightly themed around a niche, with posts that provide benefits for its readers.

If your blog posts do not provide significant value for your readers, they will not return to read any other posts. Remember blogs make money from its readers, so your content must keep them coming back.

Don't make the common mistake of blogging about anything and everything. If someone is reading your gardening blog, they have an interest in gardening. If you start blogging about the new car you just bought, you may lose that reader. They want to read about gardening, not cars.

Your readers are reading your posts with a "what's in it for me" mindset and if its not satisfied they will go somewhere else to find it.

Your blog is similar to an online magazine in many ways, just more informal and updated regularly.

The Second Secret:

Your blog must load fast, look the part and be easy to navigate. When your new readers arrive they should know within 5 seconds which niche you are targeting.

First impressions are everything!

It is very easy to use the default template in any blogging platform, but it will do nothing for your reader's experience. Look around at the successful blogs and you will find customized themes designed to suit their niche.

Customized themes will cost you less than $100 but this is money very well spent, as it will improve your readers experience ten-fold. And make sure you check your blog in various browsers not just Internet Explorer. A blog that looks fantastic in Internet Explorer could look terrible in other browsers.

The Third Secret:

Continuously generate targeted traffic to your blog. A great looking blog with quality content is not worth anything to anyone without consistent and targeted traffic to it.

You need to continuously promote your blog to attract visitors.

With its incredible speed, power and coverage the internet can distribute a blog post around the world in seconds. A good looking blog fulfilling the needs, wants and desires of its readers can quickly become an authority site in its niche providing the owner with a very healthy income.

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